About Tenacity

"It's all about value"

Our belief

Commerce is already difficult. Let's not make it complicated either.

There are only a handful of commercial tasks to achieve a good result. You have to organize this well and ensure that your people can perform those tasks excellently.

A good commercial process is clear, logical and focused on creating value for customers.

Nothing more nothing less. You can set up such an organization. And faster than you think. We are your guide.


'An excellent commercial organization for you.'

Customers have expectations and they only want one thing from your organization; that their expectations are met. You do that? Then they experience value. Don't you do that? Then they go and spend their money elsewhere.

We are your guide in directing and organizing a working method that provides perfect insight into expectations and helps to realize them.

The best practices that we have developed in practice over the past 35 years have more than proven their effectiveness. Why would you let your people follow a less effective method?

Commerce can be done without stress, unpleasant surprises, escalations and other misery.

Our team

Martijn Rozendaal

Founder and managing partner Tenacity Europe

+31 6 5436 4040

Marco Reijntjens

Founder and managing partner Tenacity Europe

+31 6 5162 3518

Joost Meijlink

Tenacity partner Netherlands, previously Commercial Director IBM and Canon Business Services

+31 6 5264 9834

Ronald Luijckx

Tenacity partner Netherlands, previously COO Webhelp and Operational Director Start People

+31 6 2242 2333

Bas ter Heurne

Tenacity partner Netherlands, previously CCO Telindus and Head of Digital Security Sales Atos Netherlands

+31 6 1855 2550

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Our services


Tenacity is originally an American company. Tenacity means “tenacity”. This name reflects exactly what Tenacity was founded in 1986 for, namely helping managed service companies retain their largest customers. All insights, tools and methods that we implement for our clients all originate from the source: customers. From day one, Tenacity interviews decision makers at managed service customers about their reasons for choosing or firing their suppliers.

Now, more than 35 years and thousands of interviews later, our services have become much broader. We develop excellent account management processes for and with our clients. This creates control for managers and success for account managers. This results in profitable customers for life and profitable growth for our clients.

What the customers of all our clients worldwide say is still the source of our knowledge for developing products and services. Let's get acquainted, we are happy to share our experiences.

What our customers say...

Johan StellingerwerfManaging Director Sodexo Altys
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You can lose customers while having high customer satisfaction. Clients for Life gives the word 'value' a whole new meaning. Now I look at the relationship from the perspective of what relevant added value you can provide from your organization instead of from your product or service. This means that I shape the relationship with my customers in a different way. Very inspiring.
André MeijerGeneral Manager Volkerwessel Telecom
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If you think it's all about customer satisfaction, you're in for a surprise. Tenacity shows how your key accounts view your organization and provides guidance on how you can lead your organization to higher customer retention.
René NijkampGeneral manager Sales & Industry Management Start People
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Clients for Life helps achieve our goal: 100% of our clients choose Start People every time based on the value they experience in the collaboration. Do you have the same ambition? Then I highly recommend this book. Then you can also read why we believe this goal starts with consciously choosing customers who are a good fit for us.
Michiel HillebrandChief Operating Officer Leviy
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Tenacity has helped us with a strategy to remain relevant to our customers over the long term. The Account Plan Canvas is a great instrument in this regard.