Account Management Strategy

Why do customers remain customers and happily pay your invoices?


Why do customers become and remain customers? Why account managers?


What things must be done excellently for every customer?

Buy in

Management fully on board? Team enthusiastic about this strategy?

Do you also miss opportunities?

If there is no clear strategy for account management, or this not clear For the account managers who have to implement the strategy, many opportunities are missed.

A very clear signal is when your account managers the operation are sucked in.

“Most account managers are intelligent enough to do the right things, but if no strategy has been developed in a clear process, everyone will first tackle the issues that come their way. That is very human and happens everywhere.”

We have specialized in this for years excellent account management for service providers. An effective strategy is absolutely part of this. It is a topic with which we often help and has a particularly great effect on your team and the results. Imagine that every account manager particularly passionate it's over the right things because they are guided by a clear strategy that everyone believes in...

Account Management Strategy

A strategy is a way in which you want to achieve something. Often the basic goal of account management is a long-term and profitable relationship with customers.

A strategy consists of two parts, the vision (the why) and you process (what you want account managers to do).

Your idea Why customers would want to become and remain your customers, is your vision. What what your team has to do (activities) logically follows from this. If you shape these activities into a process (who does what when), then you have an Account Management strategy: Your team knows what and when to do for each customer and why.

Vision on account management

Some common views on account management are:

– Customers award their business based on personal relationships
– Account management is selling to existing customers
– Customers buy for our products and expertise

Our vision is Geld flows to value: Everyone spends their money on things they find valuable.”.


We believe this is always true, but for service providers, managing value (with large customers) is doubly important because expectations from customers about services always change during the course of the collaboration.

Account management Process

It follows from Tenacity's vision that 'understanding what is valuable for each specific customer' should be a core activity for all account managers at each customer.

But such general message is too vague, that is not yet a process. You have to translate this into concrete plannable activities. “Organize an annual session about expectations for the coming year” is a lot more concrete. This is one part of the process. You can elaborate this further into who should do this and when.

Would you like to review your account management strategy? hold up to the light?

Introductory offer: Strategy session

Book one Strategy session

Would you like to discuss your effectiveness? account management strategy or this one develop or improve? Then book a Strategy session. 

All account managers should be able to explain very easily what the organization's account management strategy is. Take the test, ask your account managers.

A strategy session is an easy first and completed step in a collaboration with Tenacity. That's why we give you one offer want to do: Your Account Management strategy refined and mapped out for only €495

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Johan StellingerwerfManaging Director Sodexo Altys
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You can lose customers while having high customer satisfaction. Clients for Life gives the word 'value' a whole new meaning. Now I look at the relationship from the perspective of what relevant added value you can provide from your organization instead of from your product or service. This means that I shape the relationship with my customers in a different way. Very inspiring.
André MeijerGeneral Manager Volkerwessel Telecom
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If you think it's all about customer satisfaction, you're in for a surprise. Tenacity shows how your key accounts view your organization and provides guidance on how you can lead your organization to higher customer retention.
René NijkampGeneral manager Sales & Industry Management Start People
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Clients for Life helps achieve our goal: 100% of our clients choose Start People every time based on the value they experience in the collaboration. Do you have the same ambition? Then I highly recommend this book. Then you can also read why we believe this goal starts with consciously choosing customers who are a good fit for us.
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Tenacity has helped us with a strategy to remain relevant to our customers over the long term. The Account Plan Canvas is a great instrument in this regard.