Account Management System

Organize your account management

What is a system?

The method of your team comes from what you do for them is organizing and not organizing. All guiding and supporting resources together form a system that controls the way your team works.

With a good organization, your account managers do the right things at the right time. And with the clear instructions, these are also carried out correctly. 

An effective system consists of:

Account Management Strategy

Strategy is the basis for every system and givet your team direction.

A strategy consists of one vision (why we have to do certain things with every customer) and a process (who should do what and when).

What is your vision on account management? And how is this designed in your process? Is there a clear and concrete strategy that guides your team in taking the right action at the right time?

Operational Instructions

An account management strategy needs support with operational instructions for the most important tasks to perform excellently.

No matter how smart your people are, not everyone has to do everything their own way. 

Instructions ensure that activities are carried out excellently by everyone. These are often best practices or years of experience summarized in protocols and instruments. This includes things like an account plan format or a manual for a common workshop with customers.

Book one System Assessment

In half a day (morning or afternoon) we will map out the system of your account management organization together (with you alone or with several managers).

We discuss in advance what you would like to improve and with one of our experienced consultants we map out a blueprint for a solution.

Together we visualize:
- The current account management strategy (vision and process)
– The operational instructions that support the account managers (tools and protocols)
- It management process: What is measured, how is coaching and how do you have control over customers? 


You can book a system assessment for van at the touch of a button €2.425,- for only €995.

Blueprint for improvement

A system assessment provides you with a... unique insight in your own organization and a concrete one blueprint for the solution of the issue you present to us.

Whatever your issue, we map out the system that guides your people in what they do and how they do it.

Our best consultants are ready for you for this first and independent step in a collaboration. Because we believe that the first blow is worth a dollar, we have put all our knowledge from 35 years of experience into this system assessment for maximum value

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Johan StellingerwerfManaging Director Sodexo Altys
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André MeijerGeneral Manager Volkerwessel Telecom
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If you think it's all about customer satisfaction, you're in for a surprise. Tenacity shows how your key accounts view your organization and provides guidance on how you can lead your organization to higher customer retention.
René NijkampGeneral manager Sales & Industry Management Start People
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Clients for Life helps achieve our goal: 100% of our clients choose Start People every time based on the value they experience in the collaboration. Do you have the same ambition? Then I highly recommend this book. Then you can also read why we believe this goal starts with consciously choosing customers who are a good fit for us.
Michiel HillebrandChief Operating Officer Leviy
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Tenacity has helped us with a strategy to remain relevant to our customers over the long term. The Account Plan Canvas is a great instrument in this regard.