FreshEyes Reviews and PostMortem Audits

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We have been doing this for more than 35 years

In fact, these were Tenacity's very first activities

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Customers always have expectations that you do not expect

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We do not stop at just a clear report

PostMortem Audits are our basis

More than 30 years ago Tenacity arises from an assignment to find out why customers were lost. In personal interviews with customer decision makers, we were regularly told: “If you had asked these questions a year earlier and then done something with them, we would probably still be a customer today.”

And this turned out to be incredibly true! In-depth personal interviews by an independent third party about the value perception of customers proves time and time again to be indispensable in contract retention and developing profitable collaborations.

The loss of a major customer, an important quotation or an expansion of a valuable relationship rarely a question of price alone, no matter how much your employees want you to believe that.

We still start every collaboration by getting into the heads and hearts of your customers.

We continue with the outcome of these interviews your organization at both strategic and account level moving.

It doesn't matter whether you agree with the insights shared by the customer, because future decisions are made based on his perception and not yours.

The power of the approach

More important than the truth is the customer perception. 

A FreshEyes Review report therefore reports on this what the customer literally saidso you can draw your own conclusions. That is what makes the instrument so powerful. In addition, Tenacity also provides its findings on the status of the collaboration.

We interview the 3 to 5 most important stakeholders of the account. These are the people who, based on their position and/or role, are able to continue or terminate the collaboration or can significantly influence these decisions. (We call this the Web of Influence®).

We speak to them for the sole purpose understand their perspective. Tenacity has no interest in these interviews because we have nothing to sell, explain or defend. Without exception, customers appreciate your investment in the relationship and the opportunity to speak in a structured manner about their expectations.

Easy to deploy

Tenacity does all the work. You choose the customer and the stakeholders, the rest is up to a Tenacity partner. A few weeks later you will receive the report that we will review with you and your team to determine actions. Tenacity ensures that customer statements are not downplayed, rationalized or ignored. 

Post Mortem Audits

Our experience is that when a customer cancels the collaboration, this rarely happens because of price alone. How valuable would it be to know the real reasons?

The lost customer You will not get anything in return, but you will get very valuable insights from which you can learn lessons for the future, lessons that have a particularly positive effect on your organization's ability to win and retain customers.

A PostMortem Audit has major similarities with the FreshEyes Review. We will enter into discussions to find out what real reasons led to the termination of the collaboration. We explicitly ask open questions and listen with the aim of understanding, not to give an answer.

We also use PostMortem Audits to analyze lost tenders and solves deals. It is extremely valuable for improving the sales processes in which you often invest for years.

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These books introduce you to the philosophy and tools of the Clients for Life® client retention process, which leading organizations in the managed services world use to manage and protect their strategic accounts against competition. Pragmatic, structured and proven effective. 

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What our customers say...

Johan StellingerwerfManaging Director Sodexo Altys
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You can lose customers while having high customer satisfaction. Clients for Life gives the word 'value' a whole new meaning. Now I look at the relationship from the perspective of what relevant added value you can provide from your organization instead of from your product or service. This means that I shape the relationship with my customers in a different way. Very inspiring.
André MeijerGeneral Manager Volkerwessel Telecom
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If you think it's all about customer satisfaction, you're in for a surprise. Tenacity shows how your key accounts view your organization and provides guidance on how you can lead your organization to higher customer retention.
René NijkampGeneral manager Sales & Industry Management Start People
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Clients for Life helps achieve our goal: 100% of our clients choose Start People every time based on the value they experience in the collaboration. Do you have the same ambition? Then I highly recommend this book. Then you can also read why we believe this goal starts with consciously choosing customers who are a good fit for us.
Michiel HillebrandChief Operating Officer Leviy
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Tenacity has helped us with a strategy to remain relevant to our customers over the long term. The Account Plan Canvas is a great instrument in this regard.